Modern Crochet Club - Barefoot Sandals & Lace

Modern Crochet Club Owner - Ola Dubaniowska


Hello and welcome!

My name is Ola Dubaniowska and I am the women behind Modern Crochet Club - Barefoot Sandals & Lace. As an owner, designer, manufacturer, photographer and a tech girl here (former IT engineer), I do have a lot of work, but this is not only my job but my very first LOVE! as Adam, my fiance, and our cat Jasper joined me a bit later in my journey ❤

All kinds of craftwork where a great passion of mine since I've learned how to knit and crochet while I was a little girl. I saw women in my family making, as I thought those days, miracles with a hook, needles, and a ball of yarn. I desperately wanted to be that kind of magician also! My Mom showed me how to knit, Grandma taught me how to crochet, and my Auntie inspired me to achieve the highest level of those skills.

After years of experience in crocheting as a hobby, with a head full of ideas for barefoot sandals, one of a kind foot jewelry, lace accessories for Brides, and a desire to combines old fashion techniques with modern women needs, I started MCC in June 2014.

Few years of hard work and continuous passion later, MCC can boast a big collection of wedding barefoot sandals that you can use during your beach or destination wedding, island honeymoon, or everywhere you go bare feet. MCC also carries a collection of lace umbrellas and hand fans for brides that want to add some nostalgic or victorian touch to their romantic wedding. Finally, I am passionate now to add even more personal touch to your big day accessories, with personalized wedding gifts and favors.

Hope to see you often at MCC site as I still have a head full of new ideas for your big day!

Love ❤ - Ola