Girls barefoot sandals, Swarovski crystals foot jewelry

  • $19.99

Simple but really eye-catching barefoot sandals with Swarovski crystals for your flower girls.

The delicate design of this summer foot jewelry will make your flower girls feet look beautiful and unique.
Use of the highest quality Swarovski crystals makes the beach wedding barefoot sandals sparkle incredibly in the sun.

You can choose from three children sizes
• Infant girl barefoot sandals (US 1-4)
• Toddler girl barefoot sandals (US 5-10)
• Kid girl barefoot sandals (US 11-2)
and still, they are adjustable with the strings around the ankle.

Also, you are just one step before composing the full Flower Girl Gift Set that you can see in the last photo. Simply follow the link belove were the sandals are matched together with the delicate Swarovski stud earrings and packed in an elegant white box with a cute note.

This baby girl foot jewelry is hand crocheted of very thin 100% mercerized cotton in snow white with round Swarovski Crystals braided in it. This gives the feet really delicate feeling and also makes the sandals long lasting. You can wash them in hands with delicate detergent and lay flat to dry.

Adult size of those barefoot sandals are also available from the drop-down menu, but if you would like to see some more photos and a few more colors, you can check this link:

For many more designs of barefoot sandals and Swarovski barefoot sandals you may return to the Modern Crochet Club main page by following this link:

Photos of the barefoot sandals from Corinne, Space Coast Photographers and Linda Trawińska Fotografia

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